About the Designer

Leslie Inkley Halloran

As a child, Leslie Inkley Halloran spent countless hours in her grandfather’s workshop, watching him create beautiful pieces of jewelry from gold, silver, and precious gems. Years later that fascination with her grandfather’s hobby led her to pursue studying and collecting beads.

While collecting a large assortment of unusual and often rare beads, she began designing jewelry pieces of her own. What started with a few necklaces for friends and family quickly evolved into a business designing custom jewelry. More than a decade later, she continues to create new designs and fulfill custom orders for clients at home and around the world.

Leslie pays close attention to the origins of the materials used in each design and includes background information with each piece ordered. She enjoys mixing antique beads from around the world with contemporary beads in a variety of unusual combinations. Most necklaces are one of a kind or limited editions.

Leslie and her husband Jim live with their Labradors, Sam and Scout, just across the road from the Hunting Valley home where she grew up. When not designing jewelry, she and Jim enjoy visiting with their children and grandchildren, summering in Canada, traveling, and gardening.