Murano #444
This wonderful necklace is made with Venetian glass beads. These 20mm squares are known as Missoni, after the famous design house in Milan Italy, known for its stripes. The squares are striped with the 24kt gold foil. Each bead is hand worked with multiple colors textured to feel the bands. The soft blue curved tubes are only possible by the use of the copper mandrels which have a lower melting point and can be heated enough to bend along with the glass. The 10mm round beads are clear Murano glass over 24kt gold foil. LIH Designs signature beads are incorporated in this gorgeous piece and finished with a brass clasp. The gold foil is exterior and as such is subject to wear over time and with exposure to body oils and chemicals. This is not a defect, but simply how exposed gold foil behaves.

If you would like more information on specific beads, please check in Materials for a full description.

All measurements are approximate. Custom sizing is available upon request.

Size: 17.0"